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Pool Start Up's

If you are or have had a new pool installed there is still one crucial step left. The start up.

You have watched the progress from ground breaking to finish work over the last few months or even longer. If you are unsure how to care fore your pool let us help get you on the right track!


Concrete Pools

Concrete Pools are the most difficult pools to start up. The construction process has taken nearly a year and has gone through many stages to complete. After the pool surface is installed weather it is a pebble tec or plaster, it's acid washed and immediately filled. Timing is important and having the daily care lined up will help the process. The water balance needs to be checked daily and corrected if needed.  As well adding the correct amount of minerals and brushing the surfaces. This process must be performed for 15-30 days before adding the sanitizers and enjoying your new pool. 

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